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Carlos Hernandez

Social Media for the Uncomfortable
Digital Business Strategist
San Francisco Bay Area
I get a huge lift from helping people overcome their fear of technology. I teach by relying on traditional “show and tell” methods, while using the technology at the same time!

My boyhood curiosity of figuring things out is what motivated me to study civil engineering. After earning my engineering degree at Stanford University, I entered the business world. A Westinghouse Electric Corporation technical sales and marketing recruiter, recruited me due to my interpersonal and communication skills, which, in turn, fueled a 28 year technical selling career for Westinghouse and Eaton. My professional career honed the sales skills of determining customers' needs and communicating product value propositions to sell based on solving customer business problems rather than selling based on price alone.

2007 was a year of transition. I challenged myself to become more relevant by exploring and learning about the world of Web 2.0 (the infant stages of social media). This propagated a philanthropic calling of serving the over 50 year old professional and unemployed market. I espoused using the social media tools as a means to overcome age discrimination in the job search (by voicing their talents and skill sets) while coincidentally building online and offline relationships.

Another highlight was being asked by Hollis Thomases, @hollisthomases to be a content contributor and Technical Editor of her book, Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day!

“Social Media for the Uncomfortable” came to be in 2008. Megan Bourne and I started it as a means to help individuals and small businesses learn the ways and means of social media marketing. Additionally, I served as Nordstrom San Francisco Centre's “Social Business Concierge” for two years, where I engaged with their Facebook and Twitter social business communities.


Whether you are ready to dive into or just put your pinky toe into the social media pool, I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you to discuss your social media marketing needs.